A Look into Remix IDE

We've looked at some common things in the Solidity Language Specification in the previous article. We, however, have did not run any code, so we have no idea whether any of the code we've written works. We could install the developer tools for writing Solidity into our workstations, but that would require a lot of time initially. When you want to quickly start writing and testing code, the easiest way to do it is using an online IDE. [Read More]

Introduction to Solidity

A Blockchain is a distributed data store with append only operations, secured cryptographically. While this is just one of the definitions, you could think of it as a database, hosted in multiple nodes, which allows writing of data and viewing or querying, but never modifications. This type of structure is often referred to as append-only. NOTE: A more detailed explanation for all the parts of a Blockchain can be found in the Solidity Documentation [Read More]